If you walk into any hardware store or even any department store, you’ll have no problem finding an extension cord. All extension cords, however, are beset by the same problem: they are either too short or too long. It can be nearly impossible to find an extension cord that fits your needs exactly, meaning the cord is either unusable or a messy nuisance once it’s plugged in.

Extend-D is the solution to this problem. A modular extension power cable, Extend-D is segmented into two-foot increments that can be disconnected and reconnected at your convenience. Both the male and female ends of the cable can be removed so that you can extend or reduce the size of the cable as much as you need.

Use it for any indoor purpose at all. Extend-D is made up of two adapters, the male adapter using am NEMA 1-15p to IEC C7 connection, the female adapter using an IEC C8 to NEMA 1-15 r connection, the middle using an IEC C7 to IEC C8 connection.

In addition, the external jacket material of this wire is made with high quality PVC with temperature rated to 105°C. Moreover, a max number of 10 middle segments connected at one time and the maximum wattage for the cable is 300W. Also, the cable will be able to handle more, but for a safe range to be using a maximum current of 2.4 amperes at 125 volts. The company will offer three pieces of this wire that will come in both black and white color options. Another amazing feature is the highest degree of safety added to the design of the wire.

Currently, Extend-D will be available in two color options white and black. This allows Extend-D to blend into any environment and not sand out like most extension cables.

Just imagine a world in which you never need to worry about tangled, bunched-up extension cords ever again, a world in which every extension cord you use is exactly the length you need it to be. That’s the world we’ve envisioned with Extend-D.